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Friday, May 18, 2007

What's the Book Lady reading now?

Just finished reading a great book. I am into Nicholas Evans book The Smoke Jumper. What a good read. Of course its about these Montana fire fighters, about friendship, honor, bravery, and love. This was my book store read, so at home I am about to finish up the third Odd Thomas book by Dean Koontz, This one is called Brother Odd. I have enjoyed this series and think there is another one to come.
Before this I read Koontz book, Seize the Nnight, which I found out was the second of a set so now have to find the first one, Fear Nothing. They are about a guy that has a genetic disorder that prevents him from being in any light,called xeroderma pigmentosum. So he lives by the night and near his town is an abandoned military base that had been doing experiments and people are "changing". A fun book to read.

Hubby will be home on Mon. Wow, can't believe its been 7 weeks and was only to be 3. SIL is doing well at home and follow up Dr. apts are good. She she will continue to get PT and OT at home for awhile and a bath aide till she can safely shower alone. Looks like she will be getting moved in about 2 months. So crossing my fingers that nothing else happens.

Neighbor put in a cross fence with and electric webbing that is new to me and has let her neighbor across from her put her 2 horses and mini donkey in the small pasture that she has fenced off. It borders onto our fence where our donkeys and horse live. What a little rodeo watching them get acquainted. The little donkey is older than Flossy but much smaller as he is a miniature and he is very vocal. Has a very different bray than ours. And so darn cute. My horse thinks he is a wind up toy as he puts his head over the fence and noses his back, like "where's the Key?"
Will take some pictures this weekend. Have a good weekend.

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