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Friday, May 25, 2007

Holiday Weeked

I rarely travel over a holiday but my brother and I are leaving Sat AM and headed to Ia. to spend the weekend. It is his class reunion and I am going with him, then visit some family, and on Sun there is a festival thing at a local little town that should be fun. And will probably meet folks I know, music, crafts, and friends, can't beat that.

Big sister just got out of the hospital this week after going in to have a large "lump" removed from her inner thigh. It had started out as a marble size lump about 10 weeks ago and had gotten larger, I guess about orange size, and was quite painful. Everyone was surprised to find that it is malignant. She says they are sending the pathology to Mayo Clinic for testing as it is something rather rare. So we won't know for a week or so what the outcome of the tests and treatment plan will be.

Other big sister is getting ready to move down from KC this next week. So it will be good to have almost all of us living locally. Only big brother is still in NC.

I think I have mentioned that I have been selling books on e-bay. Usually I have done pretty good. Have sent 3 packages to Canada and had charged an extra fee for that. Well with all the new postal rates and all, I sent out a package with 8 hard back books, and it had to go priority mail {anything over 4#} Ended up the books that I sold for 25$ {which was a low bid to start with}plus 16$ for shipping, ended up costing me 30.50$ to ship!!! Guess I won't be shipping out of the country again.
I order books for people and it is outragous. I order a book for 50cents, then it is 3.99 for shipping. Then I have to charge a little fee for ordering and paying for the book on my account. So the customer ends up paying close to 7.00 for the book. But guess if it is something they really want they don't care.

Oh, and hubby got home Mon. Gee I almost forgot. Oops. Glad to have him home safe and sound. Now he can get in on this yard mowing thing! I was needing some help here. But life is good. Will post some pictures of my flower bed later, things are sure growing nice. Have a good weekend and be safe.

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