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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Have been busy and not very inspired to write much. So just an update, SIL is still in rehab and working hard. Hope to get her out and to her home in a few more days. Then they can get the movers reschedule, and get a flight booked for her. Don't know if I mentioned, she has a friend who says she will fly back with her, then turn around and fly back home, same day. I thought maybe I could do that but it would make me a long day and driving home from the airport at midnight, over 2 hrs. If this other gal will do it, that would be great. Hubby is getting tired of being stuck in Carson City. Besides I miss him.
Had 2 good days to mow the yard and beyond so that is caught up, but with all the rain this week looks like I will be back at it next weekend. Put some tomato plants out and have flowers set out.
Had a creepy guy in the store today. He stopped in trying to sell me some books. Seems he used to have a book store, well I ended up hearing his life story. Kids worthless, in prison, on probation, or addicts. He lives on disability himself and looking for more help for himself. You know we need more good citizens like him. He must have weighed in at least at 300#, complained about his 500$ mo. payments on a honking big truck that had a tonto cover and he had a bunch of books in the back. I was pretty glad when he left. Besides my coffee had gotten cold!

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