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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ground is like a thirsty sponge

Finally a break in the heat wave. Cooled off only 89 degrees right now at noon. Got a nice little shower last evening and a small one this morning. Supposed to get more rain as it builds up down in Texas. Poor Texas, they have sure had the bad weather.

Been a rather busy week, seems while it was hot folks stayed home and cleaned house. Have had quite a few books brought in. Some were freebie's. Hey I like that. Even if I have to sort out what I can't use. I have a couple boxes to drop at the Salvation Army Monday.

Funny thing happened to me on the way to running up huge bills for cardiac testing! I had to stop the caffeine for 24 hrs prior to the tests last Monday. So I have been a good girl and stayed off it. I know I was drinking to much coffee (even though it was half decaf) and ice tea. So wouldn't you know the PVC's have about stopped!!
Should have tried this to start with, but a couple years ago I stopped for a couple mo. with the caffeine and it didn't make any difference in running the PVC's So I am just hanging in there, still feel a little head achy and tired from the lack of caffeine but I can deal with it. Just keeping busy.

Going to try to go to an auction Sunday. Got a flyer that they are selling alot of collectibles and books. Will at least go look. I am getting so crammed in here now not sure I sould bid on any, but want to see what they are. I really need more western.

Hey anyone out there want to sell(cheap) western paperbacks. I will pay shipping for sure. But not Louis L'Amore. Got lots of him. I really am looking for William W. Johnstone and Terry Johnson. Been buying a few lots of books on e-bay. Got stocked up with Anne Rice books!! Sort of got carried away. Been listing some and was blown away by bids on 25 old Barbara Cartland romance from the 70, sold for 31.00$plus 6 $ for shipping. Can you believe that?? Just never know.

Well now that I have tried to solicit what readers I have I better get out of here.

PS. this was written Sat. but for some reason it would not post onto my blog site, so will try again today.

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