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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stewed tomatoes on the vine!

Still in the middle of this heat wave. What can I say. At least I can be in the store and keep cool. I think I mentioned that we got the hay put up. Thanks to our wonderful neighbor gals. They rock, let me tell you, nothing like good neighbors. Ila from up the hill from us and the Sherry from across the road from Ila. They came down with a big trailer and a couple young nephews and they loaded a big wagon load right out in that heat. That was last Thurs, and I had a Dr. apt in the afternoon then stayed in town for an Avon mtg. Hubby helped them stack it in the barn in the evening, then they came back and loaded one more and he made them take it home with them for helping us. We got all the hay we need, so thats only fair. Boy the barn smells so good with fresh hay! The hay field is all turning brown now with this heat, and have started feeding a couple flakes of hay in the evening because the little pasture is nipped so short. supposed to cool down this weekend and 40% chance for rain. Sure hope it does.

Monday I went in for the tests that the Dr. ordered last Thurs. Took 5 hrs. Had lab, a nuculear stress test, cardiac echo cardiogram, and a halter monitor to wear 24 hrs.
Was glad to be rid of that, the sticky patches caused burn spots that look pretty nasty. Having all the tests because those pesky PVC's came back the last 6 mo. and seem worse at time. And I have been doing some reading that they might not be so beneign as they have always thought. My primary Dr. felt I should have a better work up done than I did 2 years ago when I had the halter monitor and the Dr. in Nv. just tried to reasure me that they would not hurt me and to relax and not worry. FINE, but the thumping around is not in his chest, its in MINE>
If all is fine with my heart, which I feel it will be, then I have 2 options, actually 3, one being to do nothing, two to try taking a beta-blocker,(ugh, drugs) or three they can run a little wire thing up into the heart and zap the little spot that is triggering the PVC's with a radio wave thing and that gets rid of the problem.
Right now I am off of caffeine. Tried that last time with no helpful results. But this time they do seem less. So not to wild to take the Rx. samples that I was given. Have a follow up apt the 27th. So will play it by ear. One good thing that I saw, was that I had no PVC's while the stress test was going on with my heart rate up to 140. So that is good. I did have some just after it while I was in the recovery phase.

Well enough about my health. All else is fine. Just dang hot here in the midwest.And I think the tomatoes really have stewed on the vine, at least the tiny cherry ones that are right in the hot sun. And when we gather eggs they are so warm!

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Hippie girl said...

Hey gal, Hang in there. And remember you come from a family of strong woman. I will be thinking of you.Love Sam