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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

R.I.P. Guinea Gumbo!!

Sorry to say we have put out a wanted poster on Suzy. Sat. she managed to get our lone guinea cornered and killed him. Actually we had taken a poster I made up on her to the vet that morning, in hopes of finding her a home. We now have the poster up at a couple vets.

We really aren't mad at her. She was a street girl and probably used to eating road kill or killing something to eat. Also she has enough of some little hunter, terrier in her and she just can't help it.

We have her house broke now so she will make someone a nice pet. As long as they don't have any chickens (or guineas) running loose.

I will attach a picture of Guinea Gumbo. Oh, did I mention how he got that name? Well....... last year we bought 3 guineas from a guy and kept them penned up for several days so they would learn where home was. Well the first day we let them out they took off for the timber and we never saw them till 3 days later and this one showed up. So I was determined to keep him shut up with the chickens at night so a hoot owl wouldn't get him. (Owls love guinea) So all was going well for a week or so and one night he just was not going into the chicken house, after I had run him around the house for the 5th time. I threw down my stick and yelled at him. "OK, you just stay out here and you will end up being Guinea gumbo!! The guy we bought him from had told us how he like anything made into gumbo, including Guinea.

So he has been an independant soul and roosts where ever he wants, sometimes even in the chicken house!

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