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Thursday, August 09, 2007

HOT in the midwest!

I know I am not alone with this miserable heat. I do remember last winter when it was so cold and we had all the ice that I said that we would be wishing for some of that cold come July and Aug. So here we are. Ready for fall. NOW!

Finally got the hay cut again. It had about all dried up before he cut it. Believe me the drunks that cut our hay this year won't be invited back next year. So hard to find anyone to bale small bales on small acres. Hope he gets it baled today.

Had an interesting day yesterday at the store. Since its been so hot business in the afternoon has been really slow, so I expected that, but had a steady little flow all day. Had a hitch hiker stop in. Made me a little nervous, but had another customer in the store. His story was that he lived in Springfield and the VA hosp had given him a bus ticket to Ar. for a medical apt. but failed to tell him it was only one way that they paid. So he didn't have money to pay for bus fare and was catching rides all day to get home. It was stinking hot, so he stopped in to cool off. He was clean, had a clean tote bag, so I believed him. Even gave him a soda out of my frig. He stayed about an hr. Another customer came in, unloading alot of books on me from his garage sale, (I get quite a bit of that) About 20 really nice books free was great. But I took this huge set of encyclopedias, very nice and clean. I told him I would try to sell them or give them away. So they are stacked by my desk with a sign, "Make an Offer". Anyway the hiker left, hope he got a ride home.

Sat I went to a customers home to pick up books he wanted to get rid of. I have learned to not believe folks when they say they are "nice" books. Well ended up with a pickup load, no kidding, of old books. He was going to burn them, they were left from an auction he did. So I hauled them all home and have been sorting and wiping down all these books. The majority are harlequin romance. I scoff too. Buttttttt, hold the boat. I checked e-bay and was amazed to see that large lots of them do sell pretty good. So am working some up to list in lots of like 25 or 30.
I did get about 1 box of nice books that I am sure will sell. The other thing I do is fix up boxes of 40 and call them my "grab box" and sell for 5$. I sold quit a few of them last summer, after I threw alot in the dumpster because I thought no one would want the dang things. Go figure, huh?

Well gotta run. The boss, (Oh, thats ME) says I have to close up shop this afternoon for an apt. in the big city. So taking the rest of the afternoon to run errands and attend an Avon mtg. this evening.


Meg said...

Hey, good luck on eBay!! I'm told it can be well worth your time.

Thanks for helping the hitchhiker. I totally believe in Karma and you added a notch on the plus side for yours today. *hugs*

Betty said...

I've been tempted to try ebay, because I have so many books I need to get rid of. I think, though, that I'll donate them to our hospital auxiliary or Care and Share, though. Less hassle.