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Saturday, August 25, 2007

"If you can't be a lifter, don't be a leaner"

Wow, it's Sat. again already. Busy week. Been listing alot on e-bay and having pretty good luck so far. Been sorting out alot of duplicate books and older stuff that hasn't sold very well. I take pictures, crop them and then they are ready as I list things. Been ordering CD's and books for folks, and charge a small fee for doing that.

Have a follow up apt with Dr. Mon after the tests I had. I mentioned in last post that after cutting the caffeine the PVC's had about stopped. NOT> Took about a week but they came back, so I started the beta blocker that he gave me some samples of, Can't see that it is doing any good. yet. But the good news is that I have stayed off of caffeine. I have 1 cup of decaf coffee in the morning and a cup of hot tea later in the morning, And have about given up my Pepsi. Only had 2 all week. So that is still a little caffeine but not like I was consuming. Oh, and my ice tea is decaff and only a glass once in awhile instead of a pitcher a day!

Anyone read Dr. Gott in the paper? I decided to try his no sugar, no flour diet for awhile. Have lost 4 lbs in the last 10 days. Part I think from not drinking so much tea, pepsi, and coffee. Even though I didn't use sugar I have read that it hinders wt. loss. So maybe there is something to that. Will see. Anyway its sort of like eating Adkins, which I have done in the past, but now I have my fruits which I love. Not really hard to stick to. Just have to make up your mind to start it and get'her done!!

Getting more rain. 1 1/2 in last nite. Yard and pasture is greening up again. Yeah!

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Addict said...

I've got Dr. Gotts book :)
After using low carb to lose weight, I've been using the 'no flour - no sugar' to maintain it and it's working like a charm...
plus I feel a million times better!!