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Friday, August 03, 2007

She's a good girl when she is asleep

OK, so we are't as heartless as I sounded on last post. At least I posted about how we were going to have to find a home for Suzy. Well she has weezeled her way into our hearts so we are going to allow her to finish growing up and blending in with us. Ha!! Who am I kidding, we will will be the ones adjusting to HER>
She is doing real well on the housebreaking. Understands to tinkle when we take her out. As for the other business, she prefers to head out to the pasture as soon as she eats, so that's not a problem. Stays outside most of the day. Biggest problem is poor old Molly, not knowing what to do with this kid. Sort of wants to play with her but not sure how, she pokes her with her nose and sort of snaps at her ears. Lucky Suzy is very submissive to all this, but you can see she would like to play.
Got her stitches out today, all healed up, and has gained 1/2 pound since we got her.
OK enough about her.

The other critter that we are concerned about is the old Momma donkey, Jenny. Had the vet out this morning and was afraid he would have to put her down. She is pretty old and has bad feet and for the last 3 days can't put wt on one front foot. Have been carrying feed and water to her. But the vet thinks she was foundered years ago and will get these infections in the hoof from time to time and it goes up into the leg. Gave us antibiotics to give her and gave her a pain shot. So we will see. He seemed pretty sure this would help, and she would be back on her feet (all 4 of them) soon.

Hot, Hot, Hot. Boy can't believe how hot it feels and we haven't hit 100 yet this year. But the humidity is so high it makes 95 seem like 105. I feel sorry for folks who have to work out in this.

Well hope all has a good weekend. Remember this: The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act.

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Anonymous said...

Love ya! I need a new moniker.