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Thursday, August 30, 2007

I AM P*##ED!!!!

Got picked up yesterday by our friendly little city cop lady. All smiles and sweetness, she informs me I am driving my farm pickup on expired tags. WHAT?? How can that be, I never got a notice of renewal from the state. She very sweetly says."Oh, that is just a courtisy, they are not required to send out notices" You have to be kidding, in all these years, I have always gotten renewal notices no matter where I lived.

So since they have been expired since APRIL!!, she had to do her duty and give me a ticket. $72.50 friggin dollars. Plus she informed me I would probably have to pay a penelty when I get the new tags!

Now I thought of something last nite at home. How come the city police drives by my truck every day behind my store, (police station is about a block up the alley) and they never noticed till now. I think they noticed and she was sitting out waiting to nail me when I was on the street heading home. She followed me a few blocks before pulling me over.

All my years of driving I get 2 tickets in the same year. The other was a speed trap a few months ago. OHHHH, I hate it!

OK I am done, but I refuse to pay my ticket till the last day!!

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