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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fairy Ring and old buildings

I took this picture last week when I was doing my morning walk. Makes me think this used to be a real home to real people and all that is left is the shed and a ring of marigolds as a sort of memorial to the life that was lived here. There are many places in this little town like this. I especially like the "big" houses that must have been on the upper class side of town at one time. The old wrought iron fences and dormer windows. Maybe I will take a series of pictures of these homes and post them here. Oh, the history if they could talk. This used to be an old mining town. Had an old gentleman come into my shop yesterday and tell me he used to flip hamburgers as a kid in the early 40's in the kitchen area here. This building was the local tavern for about 50 years, so I get all kinds of comments about it. One lady told me how she used to sit on the steps and wait for her Dad so she could make sure he got home OK. A lady today said she remembered when there was an outhouse out back and wondered why folks didn't break their neck going down the back steps. She said she got married the day after graduation and left town as fast as she could, as there was nothing here for her in this old mining town. See I have a real historical building here!
Thought for the day: THIS is not a dress rehersal.

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