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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What are you thankful for?

On my FB I have been trying to write something that I am thankful for each day. It really isn't very hard because we have such an abundance of things to be thankful for, from the big stuff to the little everyday things like a smile or friendly word.

How do I ward off all the gloom and doom that we see on TV. I try to not listen to it. I think it depresses us and we forget all the good things. I mean if North Korea is going to blow us all up it is hard to be thankful for my "stuff" or maybe it should actually make me more thankful. Now that is a thought. We need to live each day like it is our last and find joy in it.

I have 2 extended family members that are fighting terminal cancer and both are only in their 40's How sad for them and their families, but I feel that they are accepting it and the families are finding their joy in having that person for as long as they can and will be able to let go when the time comes. That is probably the hardest thing any of us will face. LOTS more important than being thankful for our creature comforts.

Thought for the day: That love is all there is,
is all we know of love
--Emily Dickenson

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