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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Hello Dr. Atkins, my old friend

OK summer is gone, wonderful fall is here at least for awhile. Time to get in gear and get rid of a few pounds (again). I have had success with Atkins in the past and decided I would give it another try. My problem is staying in the maintenance zone when I have lost. Anyway each of us has our "rock bottom" with excess weight. Mine is when I am 20 lbs over my normal. So that is my goal. Right now I am doing the strick 14 day induction of severely restricted carbs, then I will start adding some good whole grains back. So I stocked up on cheese, shaved turkey and ham, cream cheese, eggs, and celery and lots of lettuce. Eating out is no problem, I just order a bunless burger. Last night at pizza nite, had lots of salad and only ate the top off of 3 slices of pizza. Didn't realize there was so little topping on a slice! About a tablespoonful was all. When I lost 20 lbs doing this before, I remember it being the easiest weight I ever lost. Have done the calorie count, fat count, and I know my body, I am a carb addict!! When I get real restricted on carbs I feel so good. So thats my song and dance for today.

Had a suprise BD party for my sister Sunday.Her daughters did most of the work. Sort of a surprise, she knew there would be a party but just not where and all. Rented a building here in town and over 25 came. We did chili and potato soup with a couple breads, and of course cake and ice cream.

Oh, and she told me that she had a brain scan Mon. and they didn't find anything. (Here's Your Sign!)

Thought for the day: Life may not be the party we hoped for but while we are here we might as well dance.

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