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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting old and the merry go round of Doctors

My sister in law will be 86 Monday. For her age she is in excellent health. Did fracture a hip about 4 years ago but is doing great, very independent. Has arthritis, and some problems with dizziness if she moves to quick. Oh, and a mitral valve leak that she has had for many years. Only takes one very low dose BP med. Mentally still sharp and handles her own business.

Now the problem, she seems to have gotten caught up in making the rounds with all the specialists that there is. Her primary Dr. is an internist and he has referred her to the following Doctors and they in turn have to see her 2 or 3 times and order all these tests and procedures: Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, Neurologist, Rheumatologist. Numerous blood tests, MRI's, ultrasounds, CTscans, pulmonary function tests, just to name a few. When we ask her what she will do if they want to put her on medicine she says she won't take it!!! She will look up all the side effects, and of course they are numerous to say the least so she won't take meds. Just drives her nuts that she has to take the one. She could take something for the arthritis but won't take over the counter stuff so I know that Dr. is going to want her on something! I have trouble seeing what the point of all this is. Her comment is that the Dr. wants her to have the evaluations!

My thoughts as a retired nurse is why doesn't her primary Dr. sit down and do his own comprehensive evaluation and give her an honest opinion and tell her some options and listen to her feelings about treatments. It makes her mad if they tell her it is changes due to the aging process. Well you think? Seems these are the cases that are running up the medicare cost.

I liked my Dr. I had back in Co. He took care of his patients himself, he was just a family Dr. but I liked his philosophy. I think I have found one here that is conservative also.
Oh, and guess who takes her to all these appointments???? My poor hubby has become "Driving Miss Daisey".
Thought for the day: With every leaf that falls, we are that much closer to winter sleep.

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