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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Busy Week

So glad its Friday, and payday Friday at that. What a week. On Wed we put the bro. in law into a nursing home. Only thing to do at this point. He really doesn't know us now and I expect his cond to just go down hill now. He is on the fast track to heaven.

Been cold and windy in my part of the world. Snow up on the mountains west of us.

Took posession of a new vehicle today. A Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Hope we get the good milage they promised. Very nice and seems funny to put it in gear and you start off and no engine running. Guess it kicks on and off as needed, to keep the battery pack charged and for more power as needed. Has lots of zip.

Hey I miss Heather, did you change your blog again? If so leave a message here for me to find you.

Busy at work, job security. Its late so will hit the hay. Everyone have a good weekend. dc


Heather said...

D.C- I have missed you too! I have a new blog, but I dont want to make it public public... issues with work. Long story!!

BUT, here is the good news... lol No, I didnt save $ by switching to Geico, I will get you my new blog address, and as a matter of fact tried to find an email address to contact you, but didnt find one. Can you email me?? is my address.

Hugs sweety!!!

addict said...

Ooh.... I'm looking forward to hearing how you guys like the Highlander, they sound pretty cool!

Wm just made the switch back to management (temporarily)... I'm keeping my fingers crossed they don't make him crazy (again)! 90 minute communte each way with 10 hr shifts + he's picking up overtime at a local facility as well... I may be online alot for the next few months, till things chill out again!
Poor guy :(

marge said...

dc I bought you something special today . just couldn't resist . I can put it in a menla envelope and mail it or save it till you come back here . which ??? love ya cool car