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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Got Him

Well from Sat nite to Tue, and he was caught. The word at work is that he had a new girlfriend and her parents recognized him from the show and called it in. Just the break they were waiting for. Now they have him for new armed robbery crimes caught on video camera, that he did while he was out so he won't be out of prison for ALOT of years. What a shame huh? A life wasted. On the home front, we got our first snow on Mon. just enough to cover the ground on the valley floor, but now that the sky is clear today the foothills and the mountains around us are beautiful and white. Our snow melted off by the next morning down here. Also to let folks know it looks like 2006 will be the year for us to make our move to Mo. Will post more about that later. Going to start some physical therapy Fri. for my back and hip. Still waiting on a call back about the MRI. Feeling much better at the moment though, so working as usual. I think you can click on the clipping here and get a larger view to read.


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I thought en had him hid away!!! wouldn't put anything past her,if life gets boring she looks for stuff to get into . hahhalove yaI can't wait till you get here. Ron said he was tearing down the chicken house and why. good deal