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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Shirt

There is a little story behind this shirt. My big sister sent it to me. You see she went shopping and saw it. She thought that someone made this pretty shirt just for me and hubby AC. Get it? Bless her heart, I don't think she ever heard of the band. What band? So I love it. I wore it to work Thurs, just for fun, and the only part that anyone could see under my lab jacket was the Thunderbolt and a little of the 2 inside letters, but THEY all knew. I got responses from inmates like "Rock On", "Alright, cool", and even an inappropriate "Hot Mama" LOL. Of course good ole Pat egged them on. So we had a fun nite at work. Gotta have a little fun and it is good to make the guys laugh. Thanks Marge.


**Heather** said...

LOL Glad you had a good time wearing it!

Now, when ever I wear one of my ACDC shirts... Ill think of YOU!

marge said...

why do you think I got the name late bloomeer ??? shucks love you.

Hippigirl said...

I agree you rock ,Hot mamma ect ect.We'll have to get you an Ac Dc cd for x mas.
Hope you had a good thanksgiving! and your all healed up. You are healed up aren't you?

addict said...

Maybe that's where AC/DC got their name... you never know!