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Friday, July 13, 2007

Do I Know You?

What do we really know about each other? I mean realy deep down in our hearts and souls? We work so hard to hide our true selves. We have this image that we want others to think is who we are, but it is so false. I was listening to a CD about humility and humilation. It just made me think, well guess that was the point, right. We have a fear of humilation that is deepseated, probably the underlying fear of all fears. Fear of loss, rejection, failure, all are really fears of humilation. But if we can develope our humility, we can loose those fears.
When you see the person who is all bluster and indignation, they are really afraid. So can we look at that person with different eyes and see the real person? It can make us see things so differently, help us lose our frustration and anger, help us to accept that person for who they really are.

If you think about our fear of failure as fear of humilation you can see it in everyday little things from how we fix our hair, what to wear, how much we weigh, what we do for work,and leisure. About everything we do carries a worry of being humilated. And what makes us this way? Is it our lack of trust in ourselves? Trust in some higher being? Wow, this could get really deep.

Guess I just felt like being a little philosophical today. (had to look that one up)

So just my thoughts today. Maybe I need more vacation time, you think?

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