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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Meet Suzy

Is this a face you could not love?? She is a real charmer. Very quiet and submissive. Have started letting her come into the house to see how Molly will accept her. So far so good. She just bet not try to get into Molly's favorite chair. But she goes behind the recliner to the tub of stuffed "bunnys" ( all of Molly's animals are called bunnys) and gets them one at a time and takes them into the bedroom where it is dark and puts them on the rug. I call her name and she comes bounding back out then gets another one. So far she has learned her name and does pretty good with the word no. Except last nite when I went out to do the chores and she chased the barn chickens clear out into the pasture till she lost them. At least she is keeping them out of my flower beds in the mornings.

A little sharing of a paragraph in the new Dean Koontz book I am reading. The Good Guy: Under the night-light of the sentinel moon, ruffled hems of surf and a decorative stitching that fringed the incoming waves suggested billows of fancy bedding under which the sea turned restlessly in sleep.

He sure has a way with words huh?

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