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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Walked my MAD off

Well I did walk my mad off, and now I am hot. Don't know which is worse, being mad or being hot and sweaty, I mean dripping down your back and running into your pants, so that when you sit down it feels like you have wet yourself.

Guess my mad was just an accumulation of stuff this morning, crummy way to start a Saturday. But didn't sleep much last nite. Blame that on the new dog Suzy. We (I) have started letting her stay in the house at nite. She has been doing real well on going out the front door and tinkling right away and gets alot of praise and allowed to come back in. Have had a couple accidents. But I think she is doing pretty good. Of course when I wake up in the middle of the night I take her out again because I don't trust her to go all nite yet. Last nite her ear was bothering her, so I did my doctoring with a little vinegar and alcohol in her ears, (It worked real well over a week ago). Well last nite it set her off and must have hurt. This was about 10pm. She rolled, flipped and rubbed her ears on the floor. Had to hold her to calm her down and tried warm water to rinse her ears out, and took her out side and sat with her while she rolled on the grass. Anyway it calmed down and she came in but I didn't sleep much at all, listening for her and getting up at 3 and 5. So I am mostly just tired this morning, and it seems like all the little things get to you. Like closing your finger in the drawer, can't make my walkman work,(yes some folks still use walkman's) prob dead batteries, after I looked for the carrying case for 10 min. Suzy putting dirty paws on my clean shorts. So was late getting out of the house, as I wanted to get in town to walk for 30 min. before it got to hot. Well that didn't work to good. Did get the nice long walk in, (without the soothing voice of Deepak that I had planned on) Ohhhhhhhh, doesn't sound so bad but it felt like it at the time.
Store has been slow this week. Everyone off having fun vacations, I am sure. Worrying about if I made a mistake keeping this dog. She is so sweet, but we really did not want another dog. So if the opportunity came along to find her a good home I would probably jump on it. Our old dog is having a hard time dealing with this young one.

Well I have whined enough for now. Think I am grouchy too because hubby has had to spend so much time helping his sister getting unpacked, but I knew it would be this way. I don't mind that part, but what I do mind is the fact that at his age, she is using up his time and wearing him out, and I can't help but resent her "using him up" Know what I mean. Dang it he is mine to "use up"


Meg said...

I so know what you mean about grumpiness. It seems that when you're tired, all the little things are just grown totally out of proportion and first thing you know, you're having a fit. *raises hand* Been there, done that.

I really hope your weekend gets better and someone comes in a buys a ton of books. HUGZ!

Addict said...

Hugs from me too...
I don't know why stuff always seems to stack up all at once like that, but it does.
I'm wishing you 9 hours of undisturbed sleep!