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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

When bugs give a party, they never ask the chickens!

Well hubby made it home safe and sound, and not a day to soon. He may have had to commit doggy murder! Traveling 3 days across country with an 82 year old sister with 2 VERY spoiled chiwawas!(its just easier to really spell it wrong!) He said it would take them up to 2 hrs. to get packed up, eat, and tend to the dogs. They be very fat little chiwawas too. SIL worried that they couldn't poop so they had to stop at every other rest stop to put their harnesses back on, (you know they don't like to wear them) and walk their little butts around. SOOOOOOOOOO glad I wasn't there. I am sure hubby deserves a metal for this.

But they are all safe after a near colision coming out of the big tunnel west of Denver. The moving van will be here tomorrow and unload all her stuff. I am sure it will take her till Jan to get stuff put away. But we will help as we can.


Addict said...

Glad he made it home safe and sound!!

Meg said...

Will she be living with you guys? Where? And yes, anyone who can make a very long car trip with chiwawas (heh) deserves all sorts of medals!