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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Getting SIL settled in

Movers came with all of SIL's "stuff" yesterday and got unloaded in good time. She has a cute little house in near by town about 10miles away. Wish it was closer as hubby has to go daily for awhile to help her with unpacking. But all the essentials are done. phone, cable, banking, a few groceries, beds made. She is amazing that she is getting around so well, supposed to be using a cane, but haven't seen her use it yet. Been after her to carry the cell phone in her pocket. She had lifeline while in Nv. after her hip fx. but not sure if she wants to hook it up. I am trying to talk her into wearing a fanny pack or use a pocket and get in the habit of putting the phone on her all day, and then charger at nite by her bedside. So will see.

Tomorrow is vet day for Suzy. Hope I am doing the right thing, I didn't want another dog, but will give her a try. Want to try bringing her to the store with me. Can put up a little kiddy gate to keep her in "my" space, She seems pretty smart. So she is getting spayed, shots, and wormed. When we lived here before about 10 or 12 years ago we took in a little beagle and did the same thing with her and then donated her to a group home in a near by town, so she had a great home. So will play that by ear.

Closing thought: Be what you is and not what you ain't, cause if you ain't what you is, you is what you ain't. Ponder that one for a bit.

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Betty said...

OK, now, I'm confused. Good luck with Suzie.