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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Past behavior is a predictor of future behavior

Well something like that per: Dr. Phil.

I am a good example or I should say hubby and I are. Had a little talk Sun. about our behavior of tying ourselves down with critters and end up pouring any extra money into them or remodeling the house. I won't even go there about the house thing, that would be an entire blog. But for the critters, they do tie you down. It ends up feeling like everyone is out taking trips and having a good time and we don't. I know that is an excuse but somewhat true at the same time. There are short events that we could go to like a few hours or even all day. But the money thing is so true. By the time you buy feed, then there is always something like fixing fence, need to hire someone to put in a new cross fence between the horse pasture and the hay field. Then there is gates, worming, and then hoof trimming at 25$ each animal 2 to 4 times a year. Then what if they get sick. Right now Sam has a sore eye from the flys. The neighbor gal is wonderful with horses and came down and Sam let her put some fly repellent that comes in a cream on his face. He hates the spray stuff and won't stand still for it. So we learned something new. Hubby is off today to buy us some plus a face guard to put on him to keep the flys off.

But overall the 2 days at home was good. Went to lunch, took SIL, on sun. Then on Mon took big Sister to her radiation tx. Hubby did a wonderful small roast on the grill Mon evening.

Cloudy this morning so did my morning walk in town with Chopra in my ear. I am listening to his book: Life after Death. It is wonderful, I highly recommend it. I will have to listen to it alot of times to take it all in. I think he is my biggest hero of all times.

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Meg said...

You know, we finally just decided to take car trips where we can take our dogs with us, but I know that's not something everyone wants to do.

I need to call mom!!!