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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The new Suzy

Here is another picture of Suzy. We have decided that the front half is a mix of terrier and the back half has some beagle in it. Well maybe the nose if beagle too.
Got her spayed last Fri.and all her shots. Having trouble getting her to slow down. She went out last nite when we fed the donkeys and she got to running in the pasture and hiding in the taller grass and then run and flip herself over. I could almost hear her laughing. Now if we can just get her house broke. Only let her in for an hr or so at a time and of course she loves it. Have had a couple accidents. Its catching her so I can scold her is the problem. She is learning the no word pretty well. OK that is enough dog stuff, but she is cute isn't she?

Caught the big daddy coon last nite. Found that something was taking the lid off the plastic garbage can in the tack room that we have feed in for the horse and donkeys. So set the trap again and got him. Sorry to say he was not a catch and release like the Mom and 3 kids. Our neighbor has lost all their chickens in the last couple weeks. So he looked rather guilty and real mean. He was a little rough on the humane trap that we caught him in.

Bought 7 more pretty red hens this morning. Well actually they are pullets as they aren't quite old enough to lay eggs. So that will make us 18 hens not counting the 3 wild banties. Funny thing, now that we have Suzy outside, these 3 are staying away from the flower beds and deck. Yea, for Suzy. I notice they stay inside the chicken yard most of the time where they are safe.

Should think of a chicken joke but I think I used it already!!

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