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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

WOW! 2.19$

Maybe they will start paying us to use up all the stored gas they have!!Gas hasn't been that low here for over a year. We are very glad, of course we don't have any travel plans and only live 3 miles from the store.

Do have a little weekend get away planned for the weekend of the 23rd. Going to spend a couple nites at our time share in Branson and take in a show. Got tickets to Dolly Pardon's Dixieland Stampede, for Sat nite and then will spend Sun. checking out the huge new development that we haven't seen yet. It is called The Landing. A huge Bass Pro Shop on the lake plus a lot of shops and resturants built up in the area with a light and water show in the evening. So will take walking shoes and plan to just relax and have a good time. Bro. will stay at the house for us those nites to keep the dog company. Thats his payback for me dog sitting with his dog while he was gone for a week. Only thing my dog isn't so cooperative. If he just goes out to let her out, she gets in her chair and just ignores him till he leaves. We hope that with him staying all nite and cooking dinner there she will relax and cooperate. Other wise I told her it will be the kennel for her next time. And I mean that, I really do, yes I really do.

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