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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Love at first site

Wow, what a weekend. Did the Fall Festival Sat. I think it was very successful. I gave out 95 1$ coupons plus I know I talked to some folks that didn't take a coupon for what ever reason. Even sold a few books, but that wasn't the main reason for being there. Had some family stop by and check things out. Husb did the cake walk and brought home a delicious cho. cake with cho. frosting that was like fudge. Yummy. Had a beautiful day for the event. oh, and I won a small vinyl window for 2$ that I put in the silent auction. Then Sun it rained cats and dogs. We got over 4 1/2 inches. Had the KC sis and her hubby come out for breakfast on their way back home. Helped hubby put up shelves in garage.

On Mon. went to LOOK at some burros that we saw advertized in the paper, about 1 hr. away. Well we fell in love. Of course we bought them. 2 Jennies, one named Jenny who has a 3 week old baby girl that we named Flossy, then the other one is also a daughter of Jenny, a 12 year old {who just happens to [maybe] be carrying a foal} we changed her name from Molly to Milly, as we have a dog named Molly and would be to confusing, esp for the dog as she is very tuned into her name. So we are so excited. While we were there hubby made good friends with one of the horses they had to sell. a 5 year old quarter horse, he is just a doll. Very gentle and he really liked my hubby. Well you guessed it, we now have a horse too. Well we won't have to mow the small pasture next to the house anymore. Having the hay field bailed again as soon as this next rain goes thru, so will be saving all of this cutting. Well got to go finish scraping donkey poo off my shoes!!

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