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Saturday, September 30, 2006

They call it being innovative now

I was painting the inside of the back door of the store this morning and had a little flash back. You see I was painting this pretty lavender. Radiant Orchid to be exact. When my daughter was about 4 we had moved into a trailer that had 3 bedrooms. But they were very small bedrooms. So son and daughter each had a room that was only big enough for a single bed. There were dressers and closet built in. Well being creative that I am (clears throat), I went to a used,.... well heck it was a junk yard to be sure. I bought this old fashioned baby bed, all metal. The old gentleman on the farm where we were living helped me to lower the springs down to the lowest setting and get rid of the rails. Walla, a small single bed. I painted the bed Radiant Orchid, and did the dresser drawers in same color with a splash of pink if I remember correctly. She slept in this "baby bed" till she was to long for it, but it gave her a couple extra feet of floor space to play. Sons room got a similar treatment with a shade of green, but he was older and had a single bed.
Lets see the alarm clock story will have to be a later time.

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