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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Branson Get Away!!!

Headed out today for Branson. Looking forward for a weekend get-a-way. Be back Mon afternoon. Going to be staying at our timeshare in Branson and have tickets for Dolly Pardons Dixieland Stampede. Will be fun to just relax. Want to spend Sun browsing around downtown Branson. I saw in the paper where they had build a huge addition the last couple years, called The Landing. They have the biggest Bass Pro Shop there on the lake and lots of new shops and resturants and a light/water show. so am taking walking shoes and a couple bucks, just in case. Got bro. lined up to stay at our place for a couple nites to house sit and take care of the pooch. Sort of payback for the dog sitting I did for him last month. Still working on getting the computer back up to snuff. Can't find the disc for the printer so was in the process of downloading the program from HP and saw it was going to take to long to download to do it today, so canceled that for now. Will try again Tue, when I am back to work.
Did I say work? ha ha, I hardly feel like it is work, I just love having my own store and visiting with people. I really didn't think I would like that part that much. I am really not the gossipy kind. Hubby is more the one who know everyone and their kin and what they ate for dinner.

We were scrambling to get hay loaded Thurs pm. as the baler had trouble with his equip. and took forever to get the hay baled. Then it was trying to start raining. We got 2 loads into the barn with our little pickup and was waiting for the guy who was taking 1/2 of the hay to show up with a couple strong boys and a flatbed trailer. All of a sudden the neighbor gal and her friend were in the field picking up hay! What great neighbors we have. She has volunteered to go down and haul our horse and donkeys home for us next Sun. Well off to fun city. Everyone have a good weekend. dc

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