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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

odds and ends

Wow, gas is down to 2.23$ in our fair little town. Remember when it went over 2.00$ and we had a fit. The highest it got here was 2.98$ I believe.

Trash on the roadway! Makes me so mad when I drive along and see all the cups and cans throwed out on the roads. Do people think the world is their trash can? I just want to get in someones face and make them take a mile section of the road and clean it up. We have a guy who makes his living or suppliments it by riding around on a bike with a trash sack and picks up cans along the roads. Good for him. I am tempted to tell him to check behind my store and I will start putting my cans in a box for him.

My carpenter is on vacation this week. Work has been slow on the breezeway, as he only works part of the day and some days has to take his mom to the Dr. I am excited about how it is shaping up. We tore down the old BBQ storage area and power washed the wall and deck. Love that new little electric power washer. We picked up the new ceiling fan and light for him to install next over the deck. Have decided to get a patio door for him to install where a dining room window looks out onto the deck. That will be so nice to have the extra door..

Getting my face out to the public. Planning to set up a table next Sat at the Fall Festival being held at a little neighboring town. I made up some dollor coupons to give out. Will set up a table with books and pamplets and a BIG sign to advertize the store. Looking forward to doing this. Business has been slow this past week. But the week before was my best week so far, so you just can't tell. I get to pay my first sales tax the end of this month.

Well thats it for my thoughts. Having trouble with my computer, it won't let me transfer pictures to my blog site to post. Darn I like to attach pictures and have several I want to share.

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