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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gas is 1.99$

Well aren't we just all happy now about the lower price of gas? Remember when it hit 2.00$ and we were outraged?? To be honest I didn't think it would come back down to this. Is this just the lull to tease us? Could it be connected to the elections? You think?

Business seems slow, but talked to another store owner in town and they said that everyone in town was feeling a slow time. So at least I felt better to know that maybe it wasn't just me. Think it will pick up with fall and then winter. Just hang in there is all I can do.

Capenter came back after 2 weeks vacation and is ready to finish up work on the farm. Yea, now maybe we can get going on the bathroom soon. He is so slow we are worried about how long we might be without a bathtub!! Slow but good.

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