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Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Malfunction!!

Well I got initiated big time, at least I think so. About 3 weeks ago I got a virus in my computer for the first time. With help from a "friend" we downloaded an anti-virus program and it seems OK. but there were functions I could not do, like post pictures on my blog and couldn't get a screen saver to go up and a couple other little things. So we tried to do a restore that would not destroy everything in my computer and it would not do it. So I down loaded everything I could think of to make back up info and we did the major restore. Well now it is like I have this new computer straight from the factory without any of my programs or info on it. Gradually I am getting things added to it. Need to do an update from Microsoft to get me back up to the stuff I had on it. I will be more careful in my surfing and now I have the anti virus on board. You know you don't think you need something till something happens. Well I am partially blonde. Will try to send some pictures tomorrow but need to load my camera software yet. Got pictures of my new baby, Flossy to show everyone who cares. She is adorable!!!

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