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Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 3

Feeling a little draggy today. I think its the lack of caffeine. Stayed true though, did the oatmeal thing again for breakfast. Did a protein shake with a banana and 3 big fat strawberries for lunch. Yummy. Got a little sun on my legs, then went shopping. Found a receipt on the back of a can of cannellini beans (A white kidney bean). I used left over brown rice, the beans and a can of diced tomatoes, and a teasp of Italian seasoning. Was wonderful. A slice of toast. A few grapes and strawberries. I probably snacked on to many almonds though. OOPS. Almost made a pitcher of ice tea. But don't have decaf so just filled my water bottle and said what the heck. Its all water anyway right? Oh, have lost 2 lbs. too.

Hubby and his sis are doing OK in Nv. Finding out things are never like you remembered. 3 of her favorite stores have closed down. Another huge Walmart on the other end of town. Construction is really down and people reporting no work. I guess thats all over. I feel so lucky to be looking at a job coming up real soon.

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