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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Like being home

Here I sit at brother's home, can't use my laptop, no close wifi connection. So managed to get on with his computer. Trip was great. Did about 450 miles both days.
Have been calling all my customers that I had phone no. on today to let them know I was closing the store on the 29th. I feel like a telemarketer. The gal thats been running the store is clearing all her stuff out. Boy she had alot of stuff in there. I will breath a sigh of relief to just have the store back to myself for the duration. The plan is to let my customers who have credit from bringing in books will get to spend the credit on books with no money exchange. Then for anyone else I am discounting the books to garage sale prices to just clear the stock. Not sure what I will do at the end. Something will come to me. As a last resort I will box them up to take to an auction. Then I plan to cut utilities and just let the building set for a time and see what happens. I won't cost much to pay the ins. and taxes. If someone comes along with a good offer. (ha ha) I would just go ahead and sell it. So will see.

Been out walking a few times. Seems good to be walking these hilly streets and looking at all the overgrown yards and trees. Rather sad to see so many houses that are vacant and falling down.
Hey I even went to church with little brother today. Will be busy from here on out.

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