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Thursday, May 07, 2009

What a wonderful bird is a Pelican.

Remember that old rhyme? What a wonderful bird is a Pelican, He can hold more in his beak than his belly can, And I don't know how in the hell he can.

This picture is a view about 5 miles from the prison. The white things you see in the middle is a flock of pelicans. On the way back when I passed this spot they were flying in a big circle over the river, just riding the wind currents.

Got to meet the big boss from Denver today. She was at the prison where I will eventually be working and they asked if I would drive over to meet her. I feel very encouraged. The medical facility is better organized and equipped than the large on I worked at in Nv. You can see that a small staff makes a big difference in pride. Shouldn't but I think it does. The next step is one day of "prison" training required since they will be using me for a few weeks thru a staffing agency and I won't have my official 3 weeks of Prison "camp" done yet. The one day should be a week from tomorrow.

So looking at a week home alone while hubby drives his sister to Nv. to visit friends. I have a plan for my self that I will talk about Sat. So if I put it in writing I can't back out of it. Right?

Looks like summer is here, getting hotter and no rain in the forecast. In fact it was mentioned that we are probable heading into the dry period now till fall. Wow, we didn't see much rain for the spring. They measure rain in the 1/100 increments here. But the clear blue sky is awesome.

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