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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm seeing books in my sleep

Been a busy week so far. I have sent over 300$ worth out the door free for folks who have credit with me. And considering I am selling the rest at garage sale prices I am doing pretty good. Having to start moving books around on the shelves to fill the big gaps. Yeah for me. Have had a steady flow of customers.

Big sister got home yesterday from KC. She was so glad to be home. Gone over 5 weeks. Healing Ok. But she sure lost a ton of wt. Her husb kidded that they are going to tell people she went to a health spa and lost 35 lbs in 5 weeks! A long way to go yet to get her health back but she is over this hurtle now and just needs to heal and get used to the new "life style" She will have lots of support.

Been pulling my hair out with my e-bay. I auctioned off 6 items just before I left to come back here to Mo. on this trip. To make a very long story shorter, what with the move in Jan, new computer, new e-mail, and all. (I had changed my e-mail acts with e-bay and pay pal) The payments got messed up so had to have everyone cancel their payments, reissue new invoices, So now have 3 of the 6 cleared, so will mail them today. Makes me wonder if I want to sell on e-bay anymore or not.

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Anonymous said...

Whew.. you wear me to a frazzle just watchin ya.