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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Health Cleanse

OK here is the scoop>
I have been reading about a health cleanse. It doesn't really sound to far out there. There are 5 things that you don't eat for 21 days. Well I am shooting for a week and then see if I can commit to more. The purpose is to rid your body of toxins, and things you might be allergic to and don't know. You know how some days you go around feeling draggy, bloated, You get the picture.

So here are the 5 things.
1. Caffeine
2. Alcohol
3. Gluten
4. Sugar
5. Animal products

I know some may think gee what is there left to eat. Well first of all I went thru the cabinet and read labels. The hardest for me will be the caffeine, so I have been diluting my coffee for a couple days with more decaf so that I won't get such a head ache. Starting tomorrow it is her tea. The Alcohol is no problem, The gluten means no wheat products. So thats fine, I can live without that. But if it is made with corn, or oats its ok. Sugar, I will try to get used to the taste of my oatmeal with strawberries in it with some soy milk. Maybe throw in a few walnuts. I have soy yogurt and soy protein powder too, so can make shakes with lots of fruit. I just made up a batch of soup with all kinds of fresh vegetables and then whizzed it in a blender and added some Mrs. Dash. Not bad. Had a few corn chips with it.
My big problem is not drinking enough water, so the water bottle goes with me and will try to deliberately drink several a day.
As for the animal products, that is just for the cleanse, later I will add eggs, cheese, and white meat.
So I will report here daily how I do, what I eat, and how I feel.
The thing that will help for this first week, is that hubby is out of town so its just me to please. The dog doesn't mind, she will have what ever I have, well maybe not the fruit.

/Thought for the day: (I saw this on a sign this morning) Only dead fish go with the flow!

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