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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 5

Looks like the end of my health cleanse. Hubby came home a little early, not that I'm not glad. But I plan to stick to most of it. Wheat (onlly whole) will get added and small amounts of chicken, I think. Will try to keep sugar and caffeine out. This has felt good and makes you get out of the habit of snacking. That's my biggest problem. I am a grazer!! I know Moooooooo!

New developments. After I told hubby that the gal wasn't running my store anymore he suggested that I head back right away before the weather gets to hot and take care of my business. I know he is right. I have to contact all my customers and let them come in and use their credit up that they acquired when they brought books in. I will let them use it across the board. Its not fair to shut down and technically I owe them. So will be fun to be in my store if only for a couple weeks. Then I will find a local place to sell the remainder books if I can. I may decide to sell the building rather than let it sit empty. Just don't know at this point. Maybe someone will come along while I am there and want to rent it or buy it. Who Knows.

Talked to brother there in Mo. and they are waiting out a big storm that is to hit tonight.
Talked to sister who is in the hospital yet and she is doing pretty well post op. She will be there for a few more days. So I will be at her home probably when she gets out, so maybe it will work out well and I can be of some help to her too.

Heading out Fri AM. My state job I am working on will probably not be ready for me for a few more weeks anyway. Will take my computer with me and hope I can find a signal somewhere and log on from time to time.

Thought for the day: Change your thoughts, change the world---Norman Vincent Peale

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