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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Check out this site

I found this site from something on TV. Worth checking out if you are like most of us, battling the bulge. Looks like there is some good stuff to filter out there. For myself I just try to concentrate on eating healthy stuff. Anyone tried the new flat bread, whole grains, come in a nice size, about 4 in by 8 in. Made a wonderful pizza crust, I added a couple spoons of sauce, crumbled browned ground turkey, lots of cheeze and baked about 15 min. till bubbly and brown. Can add what ever. Also makes a great roll up for sandwich. I am having a hard time even looking at white bread now. Well I just don't. Keep a loaf of "my" bread in the freezer and just get out one slice at a time for toast. The light Yoplait is only 90 to 100 ca. and a good treat.

But I have to share one sinful thing I found. sort of sinful. I bought an anglefood cake to have for a little desert with fresh strawberries. Well I ran onto this receipt. Slice off a couple pieces of cake. Then melt a teaspoonful of butter in a small skillet and brown the cake. Really!! Then make a cream cheese spread. I like cream cheese with tiny bit of vanilla and brown sugar. Makes a sort of carmel dip for apples. Was wonderful on the cake. So ya gotta try something new. Who wudda thunk!!

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