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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hubby is safe home from his trip. I think the dog missed him the most!! At least she fell all over him and whined alot. I was a little more reserved. LOL
He has one more trip to make next mo. to fly back to Nv. and help with the rest of the packing for his sister, then drive her back after the movers get loaded up.

The carpenter is pulling things all together. Got the vanity set and water and drain lines hooked up, and hole cut for the sink. All he has left is the tile around the baseboard and tile the counter top.

Bro. helped me Sun. and we worked our tails off. Got the carpet squares laid in the bedroom and the "dressing room/closet" sure looks nice, and new baseboards and door trim. Sat. I stayed up late to paint the closet and the bathroom. Also ran to Lowes to pick up the windows that we ordered. We will get to them after the bathroom is all done.

Whew, I think I need some plain old yard work now. Still raking up small limbs from the ice storm. Found my first tick yesterday, or I should say he found me. He was walking up my pant leg. So it reminded me it was time to put the tick/flea stuff on the dog. We use the monthly thing and it seems to work real well.

Well I have a special picture to post tomorrow. I forgot to bring the camera to the store so will do that later. Best get back to "work" and sell some books. Have a set of 16 Louis L'Amour books on E-bay that I am watching. Bidding is going up----Yahoo for me.

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