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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Whew! Had to come to work to rest!

Below are 2 pictures of the projects going on. One is of the bathroom tile over the tub. Still a work in progress. Have a pro doing this job. The other is the adjoining bedroom. The red ribbons is to keep "little" brother from hitting his head on the light fixture, {again}. When we lived in this house before, about in 1990 to 93 we did alot of remodeling and we had this room paneled to cover old walls. Well the "brothers" who owned the house last wall papered it, and a crappy job if I do say so. Yes I do say so! Anyway before they papered they painted the ceiling and slopped paint on the paneling. I really didn't want to remove the paneling so I stripped off the old paper, ran caulk around the ceiling, patched all the holes and have one coat of primer on. I found the paint that I think will look great. It is called sandstone. IT is textured, like sand. I have the carpet squares ordered. Bro. is putting down the underlayment today. Went to Lowes yesterday and ordered the new vinyl windows for the bathroom and bedroom. Plan to get them all replaced thru out before the year is out. I ordered custom sizing so they should be easy to replace the old ones and not mess up the woodwork. Picked up the new BR vanity and medicine cabinet and light and floor tile. Whew! That was the fun part! Wish I were alot younger I would have gone to school and learned how to be a REAL carpenter!! Think I would have liked that better than nursing.

Oh, I changed my mind, {you know I am allowed to do that} The wall is staying between the little dressing room and the bedroom. Cost was a factor and I really like that little room with a small window in it. makes a nice place to iron. Going to just enclose the closet that is at one end of it. and tore out the little open closet thing that was at the other end. Will make a nice place to put hubby's desk.

So thats it for now. Going to put the last coat of primer on tonight and will have to make another trip to town to get the paint. Thought I could get it cheaper at Walmart but they only sell it in spray cans. Did you know that Walmarts paint is good stuff. Valspar and some other quality brand, They just package it under Walmart name. I have used it for years and now I know why I like it so much.

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