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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dog Whisperer

Since I am on a little roll about pets. Has anyone watched the Dog Whisperer? He is on the Natl Geo Channel.Awesome!! I love this show. Man, with a little hiss sound and snap of his fingers he has mean dogs under control. He stresses that dogs are dogs and not people. He actually trains people and rehabilitates dogs. That is his quote. Dogs that have a pack leader, PEOPLE, are happy dogs. They don't have anxiety and behave badly when they know who is the boss. And we really should not, NOT let the dogs be the boss.
{clears throat} Not that any of us do that, right? I just said recently that after 8 or 9 years now our dog has us about trained.

Its been real funny doing the chores alone. When hubby does them the dog goes everywhere with him and she gets to carry a glove back in her mouth and then gets a small treat. Well the weather is warmer now so no glove. Do you think she wants to go out to the barn with me? Only about half the time, when she wants to poop in the pasture! No glove, no treat, why bother? But fetching mail is still on the agenda. Fetch a piece of junk mail, get a treat, nice mommy.

In the picture of her above, you can see the boo-boo on her eye brow where the baby donkey, Flossy kicked her last fall. Flossy still chases her sometimes, but the dog has gotten smarter and runs to me for protection. The kicking up of the heels has about stopped as Flossy has gotten older. Will have to post a new pic of her. Does anyone know a Donkey Whisperer??

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Betty said...

Molly looks like a great dog. I haven't seen the Dog Whisperer, but I did watch that woman who claimed she could talk to animals, and they could talk to her.