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Saturday, March 24, 2007

quote from: Deepak Chopra

According to Dr. Chopra, the human body is not a piece of biological machinery that deteriorates steadily and inexorably over time. Instead, human beings are magnificently organized networks of energy, transformation, and intelligence in dynamic exchange with their environment, fully capable of transformation and renewal. At any one time, your health is the sum total of all the impulses, positive and negative, emanating from your consciousness. You are what you think. For every state of consciousness there is a corresponding state of physiology. By cultivating the habit of thinking of your body this way, you can begin to experience it as a flexible, dynamic bundle of consciousness, rather than a fixed, material thing.

From Me: I love reading his stuff. Makes you step back and think about things and maybe not take our little daily problems so seriously. There is just so much about ourselves we can't grasp with our limited perspective that we have. I think we close ourselves off to all the possibilities out there. Often we fear the unknown and worry about what others think to be able to get into this stuff. Just keep an open mind and watch for the synchronicities.
And remember there are no coincidences.

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