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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

OK, do I believe?

My last post triggered a question of my opinion on the topic of UFO's. I have read quite a few books on the subject, and I have to say that it is very compelling. I like to read books on the metaphysical and paranormal. Guess that's really 2 different subjects, but what I am getting at is that I keep an open mind. I really believe that the mental capacity that we use is so tiny compared to what we are meant to evolve to. So are there aliens helping us to evolve. I sort of like to think so. I think what makes be believe in UFO's is that we have to be very smug to think that this huge universe could only produce one intelligent species, come on! Our world is like a tiny grain of sand in the grand scheme of things.

So I keep an open mind and try to fill it with stuff and learn all I can in this life. Now as for the next life, that will have to be another post. Hint: Of course we have been here before and will be again.


Betty said...

I can't imagine one little planet being the only place in the vast universe with living creatures. On the other hand, where are all the others? Were all the things that were said about Roswell, N.M. true? And, are there such things as flying saucers?

Or, are we here as God's great experiment, and if we fail, He'll shut us down and move on to another planet?

Something to ponder, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I think I agree with you