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Saturday, March 10, 2007

While the mouse is away!!!!!

Ok now I am ready to get busy. Hubby always knows that when he leaves me alone I do something to tear up the house. At the present time I have the carpenter redoing the bathroom. Will post a before and after pic when he is done. Hubby knows I am going to tear wall paper off the bedroom and rip up the carpet, but,,,,,,,,, he doesn't know I am having windows replaced and move one wall!. See there is a big sort of dressing room at the end of the bedroom. By taking out the wall and putting a closet in across the back wall it will open the room up and it will be about 12X18. As we do work on an area we are taking out the old windows that we put in about 15 years ago and putting in vinyl ones, The metal frame ones drip all winter. I am headed out tomorrow to get the bathroom vanity. When we did the bathroom 15 years ago we put in all blue/gray fixtures,tub, sink and toilet. Am going with a nice clean white, and a pretty tile for the walls. I want to do the bedroom floor myself. Looking at the new 24in. carpet tiles. Think with a little coaching I can do that.

So have lots of work to do. Plus take care of the horse, donkeys, chickens, and dog. Gee piece of cake!!

Oh, didn't mention where hubby was going! Silly me. He is headed out to Nv. to help his sister with packing up. Then will fly back out middle of next mo. and be there to help her with the movers, then drive her back in her car. AGAIN.. We just did all this last year at this time. But she had to go back out to Nv. and try it on her own. She just wasn't ready to make that move yet. Lucky her house didn't sell here so she can just move right in. Have had a painter working in there doing some repainting of all the rooms for her and that will make her happy.

So there you go. Lets see where did I put the motrin??


Betty said...

You're really going to be busy. Your post made me have to go and lie down with a cold cloth on my forehead!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Betty. Of course, you're goin' to be busy.