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Friday, July 01, 2005

I need help

Someone really smart on computers please help me. I had Outlook Express for my e-mails and had all my little folders that I transfered letters and pictures from family and friends to keep. Oops, I had not transfered for awhile to a secure disc. First mistake. Anyway I wanted to play around with Incredimail again, as it is fun to decorate e-mails with all the silly stuff. It opened up with a clean slate and I set up folders, thinking my other stuff was still in Outlook Express. Silly ME. I went to OE this morning and nothing, nada, nix. Empty!!! Where did it go? Is it still in my computer somewhere and if so can I retrieve it and put it in Incredimail? Guess that is the risk of keeping stuff to long in folders and not backing up. Live and learn. If anyone can offer any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks. dc HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

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addict said...

I'm sure it's still there somewhere!
This is one for Meg the computer genuis!!!