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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New dream

I think this is the place I can share a new dream.
As you know I plan to retire from the state in a little over 3 years and move back to the midwest. Already have a home there waiting.
Also remember I believe in serindipity right?
A couple mo. ago I sauntered across the street from my gym to a used book store, the guy was just opening up and as I walked in with him, I looked around and made the comment "Boy this is what I would like to do when I retire" He said "where do you want it?" He has several franchise stores in the west. Well anyway we got to talking and I have been back to talk some more. I think that is what I want to do when I leave here. I have all these ideas going around in my head now. I don't want a franchise, no sense in paying him for my hard work. But we did work it out that for a price he would teach me everything I need to know to open and run the store and provide me with 6000 books to start up. So I will know this fall when I see the building that is available to be to buy and see how much it will take to fix it up and make a nice clean used book store. Meg or anyone who goes to used book stores give me some feedback on how they operate. He uses the system here where you buy a book at 1/2 of the cover price, then if you trade a book in you only pay 1/4th. He uses the computer to track the extra books for credit that people bring in. He only deals in paper backs.So you always have inventory coming in. In fact he donates the hard back books to the library all the time. Uses the excess paper backs to set up the next franchise But I am thinking there should be a good system to do hard backs too. so there you are my new dream. Would love some feedback. Thanks DC


addict said...

What a perfect idea!!!
I like his set up... I frequent a used book store here and they just have a purchase price based on the original price and the price is raised or lowered depending on the books condition. He buys them as well based on the same criteria... He doesn't do the trade back thing as it reduces the paperwork, he just buys and sells.

I am a BIG fan of self employment and following your dream, I think you should go for it!!!

My advise? Don't over-head yourself to death... start small and let the business grow itself!

Hippigirl said...

I think It's an awsomwe Idea go for it!! I worked in a clothing resale shop it was the neatest place to . I learned alot from her.
Making an atmosphere that is appealling is importain Eye triggers.And makeing it an experiance rather than just shopping. Those are some of the things I learned .
You know your family will be some of your best customers.
Good luck.

dc said...

Thanks HG for you comments. I have visions of making it bright and cheery with plants and display some of my antique stuff around. Even an easy chair to sit and chat or browse a book. I am so excited about it. Did I mention I bought 150 books at a yard sale last week for 9$ !! Yippy I'M on my way. ha ha. dc

Meg said...

I would definitely do hardbacks also, D! And you have stolen my retirement idea. LOL! I want a used bookstore, coffeeshop, maybe something else. I had a notebook I kept for years with ideas. I was going to hang local artists work on the walls, host book discussions groups and signings... That is so awesome!!