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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sat. fun

Went to another ladies tool party this AM. Learned how to lay tile. And not the peel and stick kind either. What fun. I loved it and plan to use my new found skills on our Mo. house and put up a new back splash over the kitchen sink. We did a 2X3 board with different shapes and colors of tile, from her scrap pile. We all got to cut alot of pieces, so we could get a hands on with the tile cutter. We were using the simple manual cutter and it was pretty easy. Then laid the tile, waited for it to dry then did the grout and wash. We were pretty impressed with the results. I am mad that I didn't take the camera. Darn.I think I will find an old coffee table and give it a try with small tiles. Next time we are going to learn how to replace window screens. If you ever get a chance to attend one of these or find out if there is a representative in your area, do go. It is fun. Try going to
Went out in the heat this afternoon to Costco and loaded up on fruit and vegies. Seems we eat a ton of salad, at least I do. twice a day, Got large cont. of blueberries, and watermellon. The mellons have been pretty good, this year. Our poor peach tree is about dragging to the ground even with our props. Got to get the net over it before any start to ripen so the birds don't ruin them.
AC got his lab back today, and we were thrilled his cholesterol is down 51 points!! been taking red rice yeast capsuls for 3 mo. Guess it did make a difference. He is at 185 now. Very exceptable. I hover just over 200 but my good chol. the HDL is very high so I am pleased with that. Well bye for now. Hope all is having a good weekend. dc

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