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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Super Size Me

Has anyone seen the movie documentary by this name? I saw part of it a few mo. ago but tonite it was on so I watched the whole thing. If you haven't seen it, you need to. This guy that was very healthy went on a strict McDonalds diet for 30 days. He about wasted his liver. Went from normal labs to very elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Also developed inflamation of liver, some kidney values were off. Oh, did I mention he gained 28 pounds!! He had headaches, mood swings, decrease sex drive and in general felt lousy, but did feel better when he ate more, at least for a short time. My God it is amazing how we except eating fast food as a normal OK thing to do. Of course it is all big corporate business and all about money isn't it? And we get fatter and sicker every year. Statistics say that in a few more years one out of two children will become diabetic in their lifetime. I think this is just mind boggling.!!!

Well enough on this subject, what do you think? Oh, I just noticed that the new blogger format has spell check... yea. Now if I can remember to use it. Sorry if this is a downer subject for celebrating the 4th. But you can bet I won't be going to Mc Donalds!! dc


addict said...

Audra saw it a while back and strongly recommended that I see it... I am pretty lazy and when Wm is working evenings I eat out alot... she steadfastly refuses to eat at any fast food establishments after watching it, and absolutely will not allow the baby to eat fast food kiddo burgers. I'll have to see if I can rent it somewhere, I could use a good dietary ass kicking!

Meg said...

We watched it on one of the movie channels a few weeks ago. Joel had read the book and was appauled afterward.

Actually, most people in this country are like Em. They figure if they don't know what's bad for them, they don't have to avoid it. *hugging Emily* :)

BTW, that guy is doing a TV show on one of the cable channels about different people doing things to change their lives for 30 days. Ah, it is.