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Monday, July 25, 2005

So excited

I met a gal at the workshop I went to on Sat. and in talking with her I shared that I was going to open a used bookstore in a couple years. She has been sorting out books to get rid of and offered me a deal at 30$ to come get them,ALL. We went today and picked up 15 boxes of books plus 2 boxes containing 90 audio tapes of good books. I can't believe it. Another gal at work who lost her husb this summer said she has alot of books she wants to give me. Her husb was an avid reader and she doesn't know what to do with them.I know I will have to do come culling when you get them like this, but what the heck. Well bring them on. I will have my 6,000 books to start the store before I am ready. Lucky we have an extra room we don't use. Hey I am open to name suggestions. I am leaning toward Twice Loved Books. What do you think. I want it short but to tell people that they are used books. So thats my story for today. What a deal huh?


addict said...

Sounds like serindipity!
(sorry... I just love that word!)

Meg said...

That's so awesome!! I'm totally pumped for you. Let's see, names.... that's my favorite part.

Red again (and paint everything red!)

That's my suggestion for today. heehee

dc said...

Meg, I like that idea, but remember this is Mo. Red again might not let people think of books. Hmm How about Read Again? and still keep the red paint?

Meg said...

Oh, ok, if you want to get logical about it. :) Sometimes I'm too subtle for my own good. LOL!