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Friday, July 22, 2005


This sort of goes along with my serindipity feelings about things.
the word means:coincidental events that happen simultaneously. Then you wonder how these little things can be related. I have had two this week. Tue. I mentioned to AC that "well tomorrow is hump day" He laughed and said not many people said that anymore. Haven't heard it in along time. Well in Wed paper was a joke Frank and Ernest, if anyone reads the jokes. And they were feeding camels in a zoo and Frank says, "It's wed. again, time to wash the camels", and Ernest say. "I hate "hump"day".
Then today I posted the silly picture of the guy with the multi tasking. And then I was reading "Views From the Back Row" and he mentioned he was having to multi task that day. Coincidence? Hmmm. I wonder what kind of multi tasking? ha ha

Does anyone else see these little synchronicities in their lives, if so it might be fun to jot them down and keep track. I think it happens all the time and we ignore it. Take care and try to keep cool Love dc

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addict said...

When I notice synchronicities I almost get butterflies. To me, this is the universe letting me know that at least for a moment, I was in sync.
My favorites are still when it happens between Meg and I, We've got a tarrot card story (matching decks, remember that Meg?)... times like that remind me that we are part of each other... and for a couple of only children, that's pretty cool!!!